XENON 4 EXECUTIVE by Celier Aviation



  • Passenger capacity:


  • Other characteristics:

    closed canopy, side-by-side

  • Type of engine:

    4-stroke engine


The Xenon 4 Executive is the access to a real professional gyroplane

adhering to the new 560 kg MTOW regulations.

Over the last 13 years the XENON became an icon for flying qualities.It is a combination of the highest standards of safety and ergonomics design. The cabin is manufactured from carbon into a one piece monocoque structure, similar to a Formula 1 racing car, providing additional safety to the Crew. The Xenon 4 Executive is the first class version to exceed all your expectations incorporating:

electric trim*, improved landing gear, new brakes and wheels, variable pitch propeller*, LED landing lights & strobes, cabin heating dual with thermostat*, new prerotation system (up to 250 rpm), noise abatement with new exhaust and aftermuffler*, 135 Hp improved power by a new constant torque turbo system.

It is supported by a professional team to ensure after sales service and maintenance to the clients i.e. with an online parts ordering system.

As well it is manufactured in an industrial manner, complying with ISO9001 procedures. The industrialization process now in place, allows a high level of precision and repetitive actions.

The newly designed Instrument panel has been created to correlate to professional avionics and GPS systems.